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Do I need an attorney?
An attorney will represent your interests, not those of the insurance company or other party. Good legal counsel will analyze the facts of your case, research the law, work with healthcare providers, and negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement. When you hire an attorney experienced in handling traumatic injury cases, all of the resources and support staff of a highly trained professional are on your side to protect your legal rights.

The insurance company offered to settle, should I accept their offer?
Insurance is a for-profit business. The insurance companies maximize profits by paying out the least amount possible. Therefore, you should always consult an attorney prior to accepting a settlement from an insurance provider.

Will it cost me anything?
Our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. This type of arrangement allows the client the opportunity to receive the best legal representation in the field, without paying an hourly fee or receiving monthly bills for legal services. The amount of the contingency fee varies from case to case, but is not paid until the conclusion of the case when a settlement or verdict is reached.

Will I have to appear in court?
We prepare every case as if we are going to trial. This preparation gives us the upper hand during settlement negotiations. It also leads to the majority of our cases being settled prior to trial.

Do I have a case?
No two cases are the same. We will do our best to evaluate your case. If we believe your case has merit, we will advocate tirelessly to ensure you receive the best possible legal representation. We only take cases we believe that we can win.

How should I choose my attorney?
In order to receive the best legal representation, it is imperative that you find an attorney with the knowledge, experience, and resources to analyze, prepare, and present a claim for compensation on your behalf. At Nichols Law Group, we recommend interviewing several attorneys before making your final decision. You need and deserve a focused specialist who can try your case in front of jury and win.