David Krake Discusses Concussions on OPB

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“The OPB program called Think Out Loud featured a conversation today on concussion policy and science. The discussion looked at Max’s Law and Jenna’s Law, both co-authored by lawyer David Kracke and Dr. Chesnutt who is Director of the Concussion Program at Oregon Health & Science University. They also discussed the recent NCAA settlement where former athletes sued the association regarding how poorly the players’ concussions were managed over the years. Experts also talked about walking and balance and how some new tests are being researched that might help coaches and trainers protect players from returning to play too soon.

The two experts were joined by Li-Shan Chou, a Biomechanics Professor at the University of Oregon and Doug Aukerman, a Senior Associate Athletic Director at Oregon State University.

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No matter what people thought or said about concussions in the past, new research and science are showing us that a concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury. While getting one concussion might or might not leave lasting difficulties, the experts talked about ways that getting repeated concussions might lead to troubles later in life.

If you get a concussion, even if it feels mild, Dr. Chesnutt talked on the podcast about resting and staying away from TV, video games, computers, school, work, and rigorous exercise at least for a few days. Don’t rush back to activity, especially if you still don’t feel well! And see a doctor right away to make sure that you’re on the right track to healing.”